Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday Vote-O-Thingy

Before Scaryduck buggered off went on holiday, he left me with a list of 'Important Things To Do' and 'Posts To Put To The Vote-O On Thursdays'.

I have looked everywhere, but arsed if I can find it, so instead, you're getting to choose from a selection of my previous posts.

Aren't you lucky?*

Your choices are as follows:

The Night The Goats Got Loose (Goat woe)
Censored Pr0nography (No woe, but funny)
The Kebab Shop Fight (Woe for somebody else)
The Tale Of Mr de Sade (Sales rep woe)
The One With The Patio Furniture (Me woe)

Lines close in about 24 hours.

Also, I am going to redecorate. Should I go for,

a) Pink
b) Green
c) Light blue
d) Purple
e) All of the above
f) Other (plz to state)

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions,

Misty x


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