Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday Vote-O thingy

I know Scaryduck normally does this on a Thursday, but sadly, tomorrow will be my last day with you.
Tomorrow, I shall be setting off to the wilds of Leicester to balance ducks upon a certain Mr T. Pratchett, and that is mostly down to a fair few of you lovely lot who responded to Scary's 'Make Misty Happy Campaign' a while back.
To all those folks, I say Thank You! and I will be bringing back lots of nice clickage of the events. I'll probably have to post them over at my place after Scary changes the password on here, after seeing what I've done with his blog mind, but heyho.

Anyhoo, back to the Vote-O.

Two things must ye choose for me! Firstly, a story from the following options:

The one with the patio furniture (me woe)
The incident with the police (police woe)
The kebab shop fight (somebody else's woe)
About the mad, old German women, and omlettes (woe, woe, and more woe)
Something from Scaryduck's archives (not much woe. or poo)

Secondly, ye must decide on a nice big picture to be posted 'specially for Scary's return!
Will it be:

Pudsey killing the toy duck (see sidebar)
Roast duck
Crispy duck
Duck doing a poo

I can't believe the last nearly two weeks has flown by so quickly. I'm really going to miss you lot.

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