Monday, September 18, 2006

A, like, totally meaningful introduction to Waldo 'D.R.' Dobbs and Ernie Quinch

A, like, totally meaningful introduction to Waldo 'D.R.' Dobbs and Ernie Quinch

Splundig vur Thrigg, Earthlets.

Allow me to ask you a question: D.R. and Quinch. Are they the best, funniest, most violent cartoon characters ever?

Yes. Yes they are.

A creation of that genius of the comic book, Alan Moore, these lovers of frighteningly gruesome student pranks have gained a cult following over the years, even though their entire story canon troubled 2000AD's printers for no more than a couple of months, plus another story tossed off for a holiday special.

It was until I met fellow blogger and Friday Thing writer Chicken Yoghurt in a London pub, that I'd forgotten how much I loved D.R. and Quinch. So much so, that I immediately went out and bought D.R. and Quinch's Guide to Life, perhaps the funniest, best, downright sickest comic book, ever. For God's sake don't let Mrs Duck found out I've been pissing my heard-earned up the wall on comics (again), for this this could end in a Crazy Chrissie moment.

Waldo "Diminshed Responsibility" Dobbs is a teenage criminal mastermind into death, destruction, horror, torture and "offences so unusual and horrible that they do not have names"; Ernest Errol Quinch of 8 Gotterdammerung Crescent is his hulking and violent side-kick. Together, they destroy the planet Earth by way of an unfortunate student prank, destroy most of civilisation, and most notably run their own summer camp. And none of it is their fault. Society is, like, entirely to blame, man.

As I highly impressionable nineteen-year-old who still lived with his mum and bought comics which the local newsagent put aside for me (don't ask), I honestly thought D.R. and Quinch Get Back to Nature was the funniest thing ever committed to paper in the name of comic art, and I still do.


There's very little I can do to convince you of my argument, except to prod you towards this here page thoughtfully provided by my entirely excellent employers, reproducing the epic D.R. and Quinch Have Fun on Earth. Read. Enjoy. And then tell me Dangermouse is the acme of comic invention. Oh yes.

Wants it.

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