Monday, September 11, 2006

The War on Stupid

The War on Stupid

OK, so from next summer you won't be able to smoke in pubs. Some people may like this. Others, I am pretty certain, will not. Whatever your opinion, it is a continuation of an ongoing government policy that works from one simple assumption: We're stupid.

We, the government says, are stupid. Too stupid to be able to decide what's good for us and what isn't. We know smoking is dangerous, but many people still choose to do so. I know that eating a pudding that contains five Snickers bars will probably do me in over a long period of time, but why the moral outrage? I can make up my own mind.

But then, people would still vote for Teflon Tony even after he's resigned, so maybe they've got a point about this whole stupidity thing.

If you ask me, the government should be taking a more pro-active stance. We know, in the long run, what will kill us, and we don't need to be told. However, the public still needs protecting from itself, and I propose an official list of things that people need to avoid for their own good:

* Chris Moyles
* Alcohol free lager
* Chrysler PT Cruisers
* James Blunt
* The word "poontang"
* "An evening with Derek Acorah"
* "The Sun Says" editorials
* Voting
* Personal responsibility

You know what I'm going to say. Discuss! Suggest-o! Swear!

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