Thursday, September 14, 2006

ScaryVision, Episode Two

ScaryVision, Episode Two

Plz to stand by for the second low-quality episode of ScaryVision, which took me literally minutes to film, prepare and upload for your viewing displeasure.

Quite. If you haven't quite recovered from that particularly hideous ordeal, you may wish to pull yourself together and vote for tomorrow's Friday tale of mirth and woe, from this spunker of a selection:

* Take a Break: "Despite the boos and the jeers from the TUC delegates, Tony Blair knew one thing those lefty idiots didn't. He was addressing the conference, the nation, the whole world wearing a pair of panties lifted from Cherie's knicker drawer. Crotchless, too."

* Still Ill: "As Judge Cherie Blair sent the whining chav down for six years, she knew something the twelve in the jury didn't. She was passing sentence with the help of a butt-plug, lifted from Tony's knicker draw. Vibrating, too."

* The Drugs Do Work: "As Gordon Brown sat down in the House of Commons after addressing a packed chamber on future fiscal policy, he knew something that his so-called equals didn't. See that ceremonial mace? It's been up my arse."

* A Terrible Cult: "As David Cameron faced down a smug looking Chancellor across the floor of the House of Commons, he knew something that members of the government didn't. Black Rod, was in fact, pink. And, as they say in the trade, hung."

* Disney: "As Ann Widdecombe stood naked and sweating from the previous hour's exertions, admiring her body in the full-length mirror, she knew something her detractors didn't. She wished, though, that Tony wouldn't keep turning up in those crotchless panties."


Sorry, I mean 'Vote! Vote-me-up!'


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