Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm Ba-ack!

Yep. The fule that is known as Scaryduck has once again asked me to look after this blog, although this time for one day only, not a whole two weeks.

Apparently there has been some confusion over at 'Chez Duck' which resulted in Mrs Duck inserting an economy sized jar of pickles and a small toy duck into an orifice which Mr Duck would rather not be used for such purposes, and he's now stuck in the shed trying to remove things with a screwdriver.

Or was it that he's off visiting the in-laws...? I get confused.

Anyway, I'm here now* and I've been asked to entertain you all for the day, and am under strict oath and a promise on a copy of The Beano not to re-decorate/change links/break blog in any way whatsoever.


So, on to the entertainment.

Some of you that follow links and such here, may have noticed the rather splendid new blog that was the spawn of Scary, which is called 'Done a Poo'. If you haven't, plz to click here and familiarize yourselves.

What I'd like you to do today, is to put your thinking heads on and let me know two things.

Part the first: Who else needs to be 'Doneing a Poo?'

Part the second: What can I do to this blog that would cause Scary's blood pressure to go through the roof again?

*And it's lovely to see you all here again. How are you all, and did you miss me?

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