Wednesday, October 04, 2006

On revenge, again

On revenge, again

"Revenge is a dish best left sitting out on the kitchen table overnight, then only partially warmed through in the microwave the following morning and served as part of an executive breakfast buffet at the Labour party conference"

My sister-in-law had a messy splitting up with a boyfriend. He actually told her he was leaving - on her birthday - to move in with her (former) best friend, who he had been boffing for quite some time. And, oh, he said, all the furniture's mine, so I'm taking every last stick of it. Tomorrow, just as soon as I can hire a van.

The fool. He had given her time to plan and execute an awful act of revenge.

So: she and the charming Mrs Duck spent an entire evening sewing a large box of fish fingers inside his lovely new three-piece suite, which he collected the following day. Finding his new love nest already furnished, he gave it to his mum, who could never quite get rid of the smell.

I've done "Tell me your pointless act of revenge" threads before, but I'm having a spectacularly bad week, so tell me of your pointless acts of revenge. I shall pass them on to Voltan, who still thinks shaving a sleeping adversary's armpit for laughs is the acme of payback.

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