Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oh Lordy, it's those rabbits again!

Oh Lordy, it's those rabbits again!

Before we get to the main feature, he's a couple of things I've seen with my camera-phone (it is also useful as a phone - fancy that!) whilst on my Don't-Give-A-Monkey's week off in Weymouth this week; a week which has seen me roundly thrashed at golf by the boy Scaryduck Junior in a putting shame which will last me a lifetime.

A crocodile's house

Clenched buttocks on a rollercoaster

If this is the result of "You've got to get out more", it would probably be for the best if I stayed indoors for the rest of my life.

Which would be, perhaps, just as bad, seeing as we'd end up churning out stuff like this:

Bummy Rabbit Adventures: Easter Bummy

There is, sad to say, more where that came from.

No Thursday vote-o today, what with it being my Don't-Give-A-Monkey's week off and all that, I can't be arsed to hold a vote. Instead, there will be a carefully selected tale of woe. If there are hedges, needless to say they will be vomited into.

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