Sunday, April 15, 2007



TV's Mr Biffo has a book out on Star Wars Day (May the fourth), and after hardly any torture at all, I've agreed to give him a bit of a plug. I have already read the book in question in order to check it for a) crass spelling mistakes and b) the sick-with-laughter quotient and have hereby judged it: excellent.

"Made me sick with laughter. Into a hedge" - S. Duck, the internet

"Film Book of the Year" - Paul Ross, Daily Scuzz
In fact, on the Scaryduckworth-Lewis Method of Rating Things for Excellence*, we hereby rate this work as follows:

17. Kate Humble in a wet T-shirt competition
which is, we are sure you'll agree, high praise indeed.

Extract-o-book here.

Part with your money here.

* The Scaryduckworth-Lewis Method of Rating Things for Excellence is well overdue its annual review. Please to suggest new entries based on the current celebrity floozie zeitgeist.

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