Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rocket ride to Planet Smug

Rocket ride to Planet Smug

Good grief, does my annoying smugness know no bounds this week? No. No it does not, for I find myself in the Popbitch and the B3ta newsletters this week.


* DICK KUNTZ - our correspondent Scaryduck
writes, "There is, of course, nothing funny
about American University shootings this week.
Apart from a guy called Dick Kuntz, of course.
Dick. Kuntz."
Out of sadness and tragedy rises a dreadful, awful smug bastard that makes Ben Elton look hardly smug at all. Sorry.

And back down to Earth again

My Wikipedia entry - set up a good couple of years ago by the Rikaitch was deleted last week. No skin off my nose - it's a wonder it lasted so long to be perfectly honest.

However, my response to the Wikipedian who refered to me as (and I quote) "a non-notable blogger and journalist" is this: "Get used to running, Mr Clever Bastard - I'm firing up my electric chainsaw, and I've got a very long extension lead."

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