Saturday, July 28, 2007

On walking 1,000 miles

On walking 1,000 miles

I've always suspected that the vast majority of my readership are a bunch of complete mentalists, and this goes to proves that I am right.

As it happens, our very own Mosher is just about to embark on an epic 1,000 mile walk in aid of helping street kids in Vietnam.

Iain left his life as a computer whisperer last year to travel the world, and has decided to walk the last thousand miles of his tour to collect money for the Hanoi-based Blue Dragon Children's Foundation which provides education, medical help and shelter for impoverished children; and rescuing them from the curse of child labour.

Starting on the 1st August, he'll be walking from Monaco to Newcastle via just about everywhere in Western Europe, and will, I gather be making special arrangements for the tricky part of crossing the North Sea without drowning himself to death.

Impressively, Iain's already sorted out several discounts and sponsors for his hideous ordeal, and now he wants your money.

Go: HERE. Promise cash. Then - and here's the tricky part - actually open your wallet and give it.

So mote it be.

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