Thursday, June 26, 2008

On local newspaper photographers, again

On local newspaper photographers, again

As a student of the genre, this is by far the best People Looking Sad For The Local Newspaper Photographer I have seen for a very long time.

"Go on... look sad... No, sadder than that... Christ onna bike, somebody's stir-fried your budgie - BE MISERABLE"

All it lacks is someone pointing wanly to a dead cat lying in the gutter and it would have been the Best Local Newspaper Photograph In The World Ever.

In fact, the Reading Evening Post seems to be rather good at this kind of thing. As are the Oxford Mail.

I have every sympathy for local press photographers - hugely over-qualified yet sickeningly under-paid as they are. No wonder they only ever take pictures of people pointing at pavement pizzas. You would too.

Your mission today is to celebrate this burgeoning art: Get out in the wild and find similar. Extra credit for

a) wreath at the site of a tragedy bearing the single word "WHY?!"

b) "...and year 10 kids from St Custards College are so upset by littering in their local park, they've written a rap"

c) pensioner pointing at something in the gutter

Speaking of people who are a bit handy with a camera, it's is my sister's birthday today. She is old. Happy birthday Scarysister.

On selling my soul to Planet Football

"Oi! Scary!" says fellow blogger Neonbubble, "There's a new football social networking site that wants a plug."

"Uh huh", I say, in a non-committal manner.

"FREE STUFF!" he replies.

Where do I sign?

It was as if an occult hand had reached down and told me to say nice things about the totally EXCELLENT football social networking site Footbo, and not just because there's the chance of winning FREE STUFF, either.

To be honest, they've got a fight on their hands, because they're not all that different to, host of the mind-numbingly terrific ARSEBLOG, but certainly worth a sniff if you're into twenty-two grown men kicking a pig's bladder.

I signed up, pinned my colours to Weymouth's mast, awill now devote my life to writing awful lies about the best football team on the planet.

Part of the plug includes a prediction of the Euro2008 final, which I promise not to edit after the fact by way of cheating: Spain 3-2 Germany.

As you were.

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