Thursday, September 06, 2012

Camping: Man versus inflatable roof rack

One thing I never thought I'd say in this life: My car has an inflatable roof rack.

No, hang it, these are a combination of words that no person would ever consider, even if they are in the market for extra space in their car when weight and storage issues are both pressing factors.

And yet, I find myself declaring - in public and with no money changing hands - that I have an inflatable roof rack on my car. The fact that my car is a blue 1997 Nissan Micra with one not-very-careful lady owner has rather opened me up to admitting anything about my motor, such that it is.

And the incredible thing is that the inflatable roof rack has been one of our most successful ever purchases, fixing to the car in seconds through up-to-the-minute "string" technology and the putting of heavy things on top of your car that won't blow off as you go along.

Then it pissed down with rain, and we found that the water soaks the straps, comes inside the car and drips on your head. I dare say the makers will tell us that we were doing it wrong, for eg, driving when it was pissing down with rain.

However, his being the 21st Century where we were lied to by The Man about flying cars, jet packs and monkey butlers, I will settle quite happily for inflatable motoring accessories.

Let's hear it for the inflatable roof rack!

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