Thursday, August 13, 2015

The worst Facebook fridge magnet in the world

You know I'm a big fan of those rubbish share-me Facebook fridge magnets that people keep sharing. So I had to save this one for posterity.

It has been shared 352,000 times, proof indeed that our society deserves every terrible thing that it gets.

Then I remembered this exists...

 ...which is doing the rounds with a reminder to the punters that it's photoshopped and not real. Because somebody, somewhere is going to say "Is that real?"

It's real.*



Flaxen Saxon said...

I agree. Trite and an affront to all who deplore maudlin sentimentality and who hold rationality in the highest regard. Arse.

Mr Larrington said...

You mean #1 celebrity murder victim and Princess Of All Our Hearts[tm] is not fawning over her granddaughter from A Higher Ethereal Plane?

I'll never give money to that Derek Acorah again...