Sunday, August 16, 2015

The importance of correct grammar in a post-modern society

Without punctuation, we tend toward chaos, and this anti-nazi banner that reads "GET IN THE SEA NAZIS" is all the proof we need. It could be saying any number of things:

- "Get in the Sea Nazis" = The Sea Nazis are recruiting again. Please join the Sea Nazis, they're like the Sea Scouts, only with weird ideas about racial purity. (See also: Pond scum)

- "Get in! The Sea Nazis" = We support FC Athletico Hitler of Hamburg, otherwise known as The Sea Nazis. Get in!"

- "Get 'In the Sea Nazis'" = 'In the Sea Nazis" is the new bestseller by Jeffrey Archer, and tells of his 100% true adventures infiltrating the Sea Nazis from their base in a Scout hut on the banks of the River Thames in Abingdon.

- "Get in the sea! Nazis!" = Often heard during the Dunkirk Evacuation of 1940.

- "Get in the sea, Nazis" = Go on, fuck off the lot of you.

SEA NAZIS: They're back, in Lego form
The more eagle-eyed among you will note from the photograph that trucking company Eddie Stobart is now offering "trolled distribution" to its customers.

Trolled distribution is when you receive a huge delivery on a truck pallet, but all it contains is a slip of paper saying "I've done your mum, LOL".

In fact, Eddie Stobart, renowned for giving all of their trucks women's names, have given their experimental Trolled Distribution lorry the moniker "Your Mum" as special tribute to the juvenile joke that never dies. No, that's YOUR mum.

Even Ron's in on the act:

RON: In dispute with Virgin Media, who claim he watched the adult movie "Get in the She Nazis" on a pay channel, which he didn't.
 Poor Ron.


Sam 107:23 said...

They that go down to the sea in das boot.

Mr Larrington said...

Seen on a placard at a demo the other day: Kid's Company Is Are Family. Whatever the said charity spent the money on, it certainly wasn't English lessons.

Incidentally, Mr Duck, you have a misplaced comma in the bit relating to Eddie Stobart's lorries.

Alistair Coleman said...

Errant comma given a right old thrashing and replaced in the correct position, thanks.