Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We Will Go To Mount Paektu

Slovenian avante garde industrial rock band Laibach are playing a couple of dates in Pyongyang next week, and I'm not entirely sure what the North Koreans have let themselves in for.

To mark the occasion, they've released their own version of popular North Korean propaganda song "We Will Go To Mount Paektu". It's actually quite good, and is easily the best song about a volcano I've heard today.

And here's the original version by the Moranbong Band, the popular beat combo reputedly hand-picked by Kim Jong Un himself, who once did a mental live version of the Rocky theme on Korean Central TV.

But which one's better? Only one way to find out....

 I'm pretty sure that the Moranbong girls will take them, easy.

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Mr Larrington said...

Even by Laibach's standards that video is deeply disturbing. Listening to the Opus Dei album always gives me an overwhelming urge to invade Czechoslovakia.

My then father in law once gave us a copy of the Opus[1] album containing the original version of "Life Is Life". I should not be at all surprised to find it still adorning the shelves of the Oxfam shop in the Leytonstone High Road.

1: Poodle-haired Austrian no-hopers with delusions of adequacy