Monday, June 28, 2004

The Buggering of Football

The Buggering of Football

When I was a kid and Wayne Rooney was just an itch his his old man's scrotum, there were four divisions in the football league: Divisions one, two, three and four. Then the Premier league came along and spoiled this rather simple arrangement, leaving us with the crappily-named Premiership and division one, two and three.

Now, what the blinking fuck's going on? The league formerly known as division one has now been renamed by some bunch of marketing tossers as the "Coca Cola Championship", with division two becoming "League One" and division three renamed "League Two", making Doncaster Rovers a division one side. Somehow.

At this rate of renaming things for corporate wankery, the Reading Sunday League Division Six East (a competition which, until recent years, saw your humble author wheezing up and down the wing) will be "Division One" by the year 2020, and it's making my brain hurt.

All we need now are teams to relocate at a whim and change their names, Rugby League style, to something pointless. Milton Keynes Dons. Ah.

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