Sunday, June 20, 2004

I Love Horses

I Love Horses

...Best of all the animals. I have been cursed for years by a poser that appeared on A Question of Sport years and years ago, and I never found out the answer. The question, which has plagued my life for the best part of two decades is this: "Which five British racecourses do not have the letters R A C or E in their names?"

Edit: Now solved.

Interesting fact I learned today while reading Bill Bryson's entertaining A Short History of Nearly Everything: Lead in petrol and CFC gasses - two of the most destructive discoveries of the twentieth century - were invented by the same man, Thomas Midgely Junior.

Ironically, he was killed by a third invention - a device of his own design that would turn him over in bed, which strangled him several years too late for the health of the planet. Ho hum.

The Moblog is thussly updated with a recent prowl along Chesil Beach.

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