Sunday, March 12, 2006

Because it's not all me, me, me

Because it's not all me, me, me

Mentions for two people that deserve mentioning this weekend while I'm feeling nice:

1. My father-in-law Ken, who has just undergone sight-saving surgery and now has to spend the next two weeks face-down, watching TV through a mirror while his eye recovers. Get well soon, guy.

2. Fellow blogger Misty who will mostly be spending this week in the Royal Courts of Justice to put right a wrong forced on her family by a bunch of evil bastards and shysters. Hint: Judges are always impressed by the daily gift of a Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Normal service, including more references to dogs' bottoms and hole full of poop, will return tomorrow.

Edit: I can contain the serious facade no longer. And why? My referrer logs today contain nothing except google searches for Kirstie Allsopp nude. Poor K. Allsopp. What have I wrought on her spotless reputation?

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