Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jenson Buttocks

Things Mrs Duck no longer finds funny, if she ever did, at all

A short list of things Mrs Duck no longer finds funny, if she ever did, at all:

* "Done a poo"
* Jenson Buttocks
* "Thirty-seven people choke to death each year on their birthday cake. Don't let yourself become a statistic."
* Gay Daleks
* My plan to encourage and nurture the family's hunter-gatherer instincts by hiding their dinner in the garden
* Jenson Buttocks
* "Marks out of ten? I'd give her one!"
* Jenson Buttocks

I think you can see a theme developing here, so by way of revenge on Mrs Duck's sense of humour failure, and providing me with a tenuous link to slip this entry into Revenge Week, I present my list of manky racing car drivers:

* Jenson Buttocks
* Michael Poo-macher
* Knickers Lauda
* Stirling Toss
* James Hunt
* Nigel Mansex

Having shot my bolt with Formula One - and not to mention the world's mankiest football team - I open the comments to your suggestions for disgustingly-named sports stars. Poo-la Radcliffe seems wholly appropriate right now, even if Mrs Duck no longer finds this funny either.

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