Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Martin Luther King quotes

Martin Luther King quotes

Martin Luther King, Jr: Thoroughly excellent chap.

One for the most important lives of the 20th Century.

Gave hope to millions.

Inspired the current US president to greater things.

Dreamed of freedom, but was murdered before he could see it happen.

Possibly the most misquoted man in history.

And let's face it - if you're known for perhaps the greatest speech in the history of humanity, it is perhaps a bit of a letdown that nobody ever mentions the final line, lost as it was in the roar of the crowd.

Yes, MLK had a dream, but nobody ever remembers "Then I woke up and my pillow was gone".

A few other King quotes that seem to be missing from the historical record:

"We so excited. Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards"

"Calm down dear, it's only a commercial"

"I find your lack of faith... disturbing"

"Is this the real life? Or, is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality"

"Never believe a word you read on the internet"
Wise words, indeed

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