Monday, October 07, 2013

On weddings, flowers and cake - WIN FREE STUFF

Here we go, Jane and I are getting married this Saturday and it will be EXCELLENT.

There will be a party, there will be drinking, and most of all, there will be cake. I dare say there may also be flowers.

And because I'm nice, and because some very nice people at Serenata Flowers got in touch asking if I'd promote their website on these pages, you're going to get some flowers too.


They also do plants, hampers, wine and chocolate by post.


So. You want free flowers by post from Serenata Flowers? Then answer a simple question and we will make it so.

At our wedding, we will be having all the cake. ALL THE CAKE. But riddle me this: 

What is the best cake?

Use you skill and judgement and let me know in the comments and/or email

Best answer by the end of today gets FREE STUFF from Serenata Flowers. Simple as that.

Note to colonials: FREE STUFF offer only open to UK addresses.


Sahara Desert said...

Free cake. Free cake is the Best Cake.

Alec said...

The best cake is the cake you haven't eaten yet because you still have it.

Simon Pegg 1976 said...

A Cake in the shape of a small Canoe is the very best sort of Cake. That way, you can always have your Kayak and eat it.

Neil said...

The best cake is the Jaffa Cake, it pays no VAT so clearly is above most of us and doesnt have to resort to dodgy tax loop holes.

Richard said...

Caek! Best Caek is surreptitious caek that has managed to get inside me noticed only by myself. I'll share the second one.

TRT said...

Pie is the best cake.

Gonzoland said...

My wedding style brings out the tiers
My birthday style shows all the years
At christenings I am cups eleganta
And once a year holly and santa
I'm the greatest.

What am I?
(Gone for a puke over the rainbow bridge.)

voucher discount codes said...
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Graham Kidd (gddik) said...

Wet Nelly. No contest.

And if you don't believe that there is a cake with such an epithet, have a look 'ere at the receep.

Ole Phat Stu said...


(Black Forest Cherry Cake).

Anonymous said...

Navy Cake

(Competition unfair on ex-pats !)

Unknown said...

The best cake? Easy. The cake in my mouth. Nom nom nom =)

Unknown said...

Any cake that has been delivered free to my door by a bevy of naked Amazonian beauties, who will lt me eat it from their naked, quibbling breasts is the best sort of cake... Do they do that..? I hope so. I really, really hope so.

Or a UPS driver, dressed in brown will do... FREE CAKE..!

Poppet said...

@PaulMartin, what are the breasts quibbling over? how much they should quivver??

boiled fruit cake, no contest ;0)

MrsF49 said...

The bestest cake in the World is the piece you misappropriate from someone else. It always tastes better than your own slice and if it's 'pinched', it has no calories. Fact.

Napkin Morgan said...

I'm west of England
And up from Devon
I'm cooked upon a slab
With sultanas, spice
And nutmeg
All hands reach out and grab

Beth ydw i?

#Debi said...

I know I'm not eligible, what with being way. over. here. but I will leave this here:

Ane fule noes, North Korea cake Best cake.

TRT said...

BTW, you realise that everyone is just interested in free cake rather than wishing you & Jane good luck and every happiness.

Sliced Bard said...

A toast to the happy couple
A toast is a mistake
Who wants burnt bread unsupple
When there is wedding cake?

Iechyd da Jane and Alistair!

Alex C said...

The missus and I forwent the traditional wedding cake and instead went for 7 tiers of cheese - each matured specifically for the day by an excellent cheesemonger. It was excellent, actually got eaten and was half the price of it's equivalent in wedding cake, which a you'll have worked out costs gram for gram about the same as wedding dress or wedding stationery.
If you must insist on cake, how about a nice frosted chocolate cake which, as any fule knos, is the best.


Alex C said...

p.s. Hope your nuptials are awesome and cool and that there is relatively little sick-inna-hedge

Tabilda said...

Hmmmm caaake. Not sick-innna-hedge-cake though, more custard-filled profiterole mountain cake :-)

Whiter Shade of Cake said...

Light Fandango Cake
And whan the millere saugh that they were gon,
He half a busshel of hir flour hath take,
And bad his wyf go knede it in a cake.

Gonzoland said...

Why is selling like hot cakes?
If selling was like hot cakes there would be references to it in sales technique courses.

The best cake for a wedding is Marry U Juanna cake.

All the best Jane and Al,

Neonpolitan said...

Low calorie
Only 10% bat

Amy Pond said...

Try for some interesting possibilities :)

Bryony said...

The best cake is a cake that with one mouth full can make you slide from your seat on to the floor in a quivvering mess and for me it has to be devils chocolate cake mmmm just the thought of it makes my mouth water :)