Saturday, June 11, 2005

Bang 'em up, I say!

Bang 'em up, I say!

I am outraged, OUTRAGED that Her Majesty the Queen has seen fit to give an MBE to "Sir" Les Ferdinand. This is a man, you may remember, along with his mates (including Dennis "The Insect" Wise) broke into BBC Television Centre and smashed up the Blue Peter garden, making Percy Thrower cry.

The Queen, effectively, is rewarding Les for a life of crime, when he should actually be getting an ASBO. Sort it out Brenda, or you can hand that gold BP badge back in shame*!

* Unless, of course, this is all a cunning plan to lure Sir Les to Buckingham Palace and have him hauled off to Scotland Yard for his evil deed. In which case - God Bless ya, your majesty.

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