Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cuss you Bad, Swear me Good

Real Life Interface, Part II

GW sends our first entry in our Pointless-Letters-to-the-Press competition, with this missive to the Watford Observer. The standard is set - mirth, woe, and references to Global Warming. Quality.

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Need I remind you: genuine prizes for the best letters published in local or national papers. Write-o!

Cuss you Bad, Swear me Good

Referrer logs are an excellent thing, allowing website owners to discover how people found your site, and guess at the level of disappointment when they discover the lack of colostomy bag sex contained within.

A recent disappointed visitor arrived from google on the search term “worst swear word poll”. I’ve never run a worst swear word poll, and good God, I’m going to right that wrong, here and now.

Your nominations, then, for the world’s top profanity, if you please (consider the plain vanilla, and frankly losing their shock value, “fuck” and “cunt” already nominated). The more imaginative, the better.

Degree of difficulty: Use of reference materials optional.


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