Sunday, December 11, 2005

Favourite Things - Punked

The Worthless Pursuit of Favourite Things - Punked

"Punked" is a three hour Sunday evening music show playing nothing but old-school punk - plus one or two acts which are about as punk as my granny *cough* XTC *cough* - for old duffers like me to embarrass themselves in from of their kids.

In a commercial radio industry that's far too scared to play anything but current chart hits and Phil Collins oldies, it's a refreshing change from my local station - Wessex FM and the rest of the Local Radio Company, even if there's only so many punk classics you can play week-in, week-out.

Sunday, 7pm-10pm. Listen-o in stunning 24bits/sec hi-fidelity!

I done a request. They might even play it.

Also: As pointed out in the comments, rigging the Wessex FM online Chistmas poll so that The Pogues win would be A Bad Thing. I urge you not to mock the democratic process in such a way. Well, go on then...

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