Thursday, April 13, 2006

A different kind of vote-o

The Terrorism Act 2006

Today, the Terrorism Act 2006 comes into force. Amongst other things, this not-rushed-through-Parliament-at-all piece of legislation bans the glorification of terrorism and terrorist acts.

This mean that these pages will no longer be bigging up the Moro Islamic Liberation Front - otherwise known as the MILFs - a group of 30-45 year-old housewives and lingerie models, fighting for an independent homeland in the Southern Philippines. Alas, there will be no more MILFs on these pages, and it's all Charles Clarke's fault.

Still, you've got to admire the guy. He's forced this piece of toilet paper* onto the statutes, whilst simultaneously holding down a role in the Narnia movie, fighting the dark forces of a lightly-oiled Ice Queen. Charles "Tumnus" Clarke: word!

* For example, if I set foot as a peace campaigner into my local nuke factory at Burghfield yesterday, I would be prosecuted for aggravated trespass. Do so today, I would be slammed up in a pound-you-in-the-arse prison as a terrorist. Grand work there, Charles.

A different kind of vote-o

Fellow blogger and technical genius Rikaitch is a sucker for punishment. I should know - I've been in his car. But any man who can design a vending machine that makes chips is a hero in anybody's book, and this time he's come up with one spunker of an idea.

Following on from last week's Worst Computer Games Ever post, Rik has foolishly volunteered to create a real, working version of the worst of the lot, as voted for by you, my fine, fine readers. He promises to have a genuine working version on these pages within a week. I am already moist with anticipation.

* Grand Theft Auto: Milton Keynes
* Duck Hunt: H5N1
* Sim City Baghdad
* Synchronised Swimming Extreme
* Indian Call Centre Simulator
* Sonic The Roadkill
* Pogostick Frogger
* Flid-Ball
* Scary Vasectomy
* Scaryduck The Game - Done A Poo

With Advanced Lawnmower Simulator already tearing up the internet's bandwidth, what have we got to lose?

What are you waiting for? Vote Rik up!

*cough* Flid-Ball *cough*

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