Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Vote-O thingy

Hello, and welcome to the Thursday Vote-O, brought to you today by Me!

I've been having a sniff through Scary's bits, and got to read those Tales of Mirth and Woe that you've been clamouring to hear for ages, and can tell you that they're not half bad.

'Hospital' does include plenty of vomit, and 'Take a Break' has woe-a-plenty. Which is nice.

I also found a little number entitled 'London', which is slightly amusing, but doesn't have any vomit in it. Or woe.

Or, if you fancy something penned by me, you could choose my tale about the Mad Old German Women and the Omelettes...

So, your choices for tomorrow's Vote-O are;
Now to be changed after hearing from Scaryduck in the comments box*

  • Hospital (Vomit)
  • Take a Break (Woe)
  • London (Tits - brief mention)
  • Mad Old German Women etc (Mayhem. And Omelettes)

Not much of a choice then.

*rummages around in drawers...*


  • Mad Old German Women and Omelettes
  • The Kebab Shop Fight

Sorry about that, but just remember I have read through Scary's tales, and they are excellent! 'Specially 'Hospital'

Vote-O me up again plz!
*See comments box

Oh, and for all you lovely lot wot left captions yesterday, here's your furry kebab!

Would you like chilli sauce with that?

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