Monday, November 13, 2006

The Voice of Buddha

The Voice of Buddha

A collection of YouTube videos featuring Heaven 17 and the Human League

The League

* Being Boiled: not even Phil Oakey knows what this song is about any more

* Circus of Death - a song about killer clowns AND Hawaii 5-0. What more could you want?

* Empire State Human - "...just a born kid / I'll go to Egypt to be / a pyramid"

* Rock'n'Roll - not much call for Gary Glitter cover versions these days, it turns out

* Mirror Man

* (Keep Feeling) Fascination - wonderfully daffy

Heaven 17

* Let Me Go

* This is Mine - this am the best video

* Temptation - Almost nearly a number one single

* We Live So Fast

* ...And That's No Lie... - Plz to excuse low volume.

Oh, go on then...

* P. Oakey and G. Moroder - Together in Electric Dreams -as camp as tits in true Moroder style.

In summary: The Human League!

Also: Duck News - the news and comment site that says "No Shit Sherlock".

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