Saturday, June 23, 2007

On cliffhangers

On cliffhangers

Those of you who watch Doctor Who of a Saturday evening, will know that last week's episode ended on a good old-fashioned cliffhanger.

The Doctor, Bummy Jack and Martha are trapped in the year 100 trillion, The Master has stolen his TARDIS and he is about to take over the world. How, pray, are they going to get out of this one?

Here, stolen from the desk of writer Russell T Davis is an extract of the actual script, roger me to death with a Dalek's plunger if I am telling a word of a lie.

Doctor Who: Series 3 - Episode 12 - The Sound of Bums

D. Who: ONOZ! TEH MASTA has stolen the TARDIS!

M. Jones: Also ONOZ! We are trapped in the year 100 trillion! I'll miss EastEnders!

Bummy Jack: Also also ONOZ! Only the two of you to bum!

D. Who and M. Jones: ONOZ!

There is a blinding flash of light, and an American-style phone booth appears in the place the TARDIS was standing just a minute before. Two young men emerge.

Dude 1: Hello! I am Bill S. Preston, Esquire!

Dude 2: And I am Ted "Theodore" Logan!

Both Dudes: And together we are WYLD STALLYNS!

D. Who: Excellent! *air guitar*

Dude 1: We'll, like, totally take you back to the 21st century to defeat the evil Timelord dude.

D. Who: Excellent! *air guitar*

Dude 2: Plz to step into time machine. Soz that it is not bigger on the inside

Bummy Jack: All teh better 4 teh bumming. Bummy bummy bummy bummy TORCHWOOD! LOL

Both Dudes: Bogus!

D. Who: Have a jellybaby.

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