Wednesday, June 13, 2007

On famous films you've never seen

On famous films you've never seen

I have been told by others on several occasions that the film Natural Born Killers - once the hype and the hyperbole has been stripped away - is actually a rather fine piece of cinema. How should I know? I've never seen it.

It's the sort of film I really should have made the effort to see, after all, it is a cultural icon of its day. With the likes of Thelma and Louise (never seen) and Pretty Woman (seen for the first time mere days ago) I've got a valid excuse insofar that they are bona fide chick flicks.

Natural Born Killers, a movie that has the word BLOKE stamped right through it, there is no such squirming out of it if I wish to redeem my reputation as a film buff and a geezer. A geezer of taste and, dare I say it, class.

Good Lord, I even took the fragrant Mrs Duck to see Platoon on our first date, and Spaceballs on our second. It's a wonder we ever made it. But Natural Born Killers?

Yes. Right.

I have an excuse.

One that I am not proud of.

It is this:

I was going through an ill-advised Eddie Murphy phase at the time.

It's not much of an excuse.

In the sort of splurge that hints at mental incapacity, finding I had the house to myself for several days, instead of wanking myself blind I went out and rented Beverley Hills Cop I and II, 48Hrs, The Golden Child ...and strike me down dead... Best Defense. Which I quite enjoyed. Then, on a bit of a roll, I ate all the Weightwatchers meals I could find in the freezer in one sitting. That taught 'em.

I'm feeling much, much better now.

Also on the IMDB Top 250 movies list, I have yet to see (amongst others):

• The Godfather II
• The Seven Samurai
• Goodfellas
• Saving Private Ryan

Yet, I paid good money to see Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. Y'know - the one where they sing "Row, row, row your boat", and once all the stars' huge salaries were paid, the special effects budget could only afford a wasp on a piece of string.

And Best Defense. God. Why?

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