Monday, December 15, 2008

On Christmas music

On Christmas music

"Are we looking forward to the release of a Scaryduck Christmas single, then?" asks regular reader Audrey, fine figure of a woman that she is.

"Perhaps 'Christmas time, spicy brains and wine?'" she continues, unaware of the No-Cliff fatwa that operates on these pages.

We are not in the business of mentioning Cliff Richard here, except, perhaps in close proximity to the words "colostomy bag" and "Una Stubbs over a glass coffee table", which would draw a sharp intake of breath from our legal advisors, there being no truth in the rumours. In fact, there are no rumours. At all.


No Cl*ff R*chard. And No D*niel O'D*nn*ll either, the f*ck*ng c*nt.

But yes, we will be releasing a single in time for the Festive Period™.

Fairytale of Huge Norks

Please, if you dare, suggest other filth that should be appearing on the Duck Christmas Album.

Who says Christmas is for the kiddywinks?

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