Thursday, November 03, 2011

I'm in That Portugal, me

I'm in That Portugal, me

Those of you who are in the loop will know that I am currently attending an extraordinarily good international media industry conference in That Portugal.

The last time I attended NewsXchange, it was in Istanbul, and it snowed. This time we are in Cascais, and we are getting a hurricane, and - my - isn't that ship getting terribly close to the hotel?

First thing to point out is that I'm actually here for the work, and despite having a hotel room with an ACTUAL UPSTAIRS, there is little chance of me doing any of this:

A few things to note thus far:

- God, I really, really hate flying. There was a moment of actual zero-g as we descended through the hurricane and the entire cabin crew and an unfortunate sap waiting for the toilets found themselves somewhere near the ceiling, then finding the floor coming up to meet them.

- God, I really hate foreign taxis. At one point, I swear we were aqua-planing sideways toward certain DOOM

- God, 3.00am starts are no fun

- God, isn't that ship getting really, REALLY close to the hotel?



Alles Klar?

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