Tuesday, November 01, 2011



Wow. The Society of Homeopaths is currently advertising for a Head of Marketing and Communications. They are looking for - according to the blurb - a dynamic individual to lead the promotion of the largest membership organisation in the field of homeopathy.

"You will also need a good understanding of complementary and alternative medicine and the issues currently facing this sector of the healthcare profession." For eg, trying to persuade people that it's not all complete cobblers.

However, I'm prepared to put my prejudices aside, because I've got half a mind to apply for this job. In fact, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to fill the post.

As it clearly says on my suspiciously up-to-date CV, I have exactly 10^-23 years of experience in the field of public relations, and as such, I'd be the best and most effective Homeopathic Head of Marketing they've ever seen.

Just one doubt: What does "Be able to quickly establish a rapport with people both externally and internally" mean?

I'm good at talking to people externally, but not so good at talking to people who are inside a bear. Is that what they mean?

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