Sunday, June 01, 2014

A Supremely Dull News Special: Man still hasn't finished really quite easy quest

I would normally save this kind of story for my Dull News in Local Newspapers blog, but this story is so wonderfully dull, it deserves wider exposure.

Llanelli Star: Man vows to visit every Elkington Road in the United Kingdom

Degree of difficulty: There are only three, and he lives on one of them.

Spoiler: He has still to finish his quest because Rugby's a bit of a trip from south Wales.

Highlight: "If you walk around London's streets and look at the manhole covers you will also notice the name Elkington. They made these covers and also lots of the ones in Swansea too. It's incredible."

By way of enormous coincidence, I completed my quest to visit every single Kibblewhite Crescent in the country, after we moved to the only one. 1972, and my quest was over. This chap's a layabout compared.


Richard said...

I have lived in Mount Pleasant Road (at No 69, fnarr fnarr) and also in Mount Pleasant (which is neither in Mount Pleasant nor particularly nice) in Crewe. I fear my particular quest may take some time to complete.

TRT said...

My particular dream is to live in a property on the same street as Sky TV's headquarters.
Purely to freak out the postman. I'd better get a move on whilst there are some left. Postmen that is.

Anonymous said...

You are appending a rather narrow definition on the word vist, me thinks. Perhaps our hero means it to possess a Biblical dimension? You know, like when the divinity visits that Mary person? Or when the same divinity visits Egypt with a plague of toads? What may appear to you as a lackadaisical effort to fulfil his quest may actually be a necessary delay predicated on the procreative abilities of Bufo bufo?

Capn Banzai. 1a Branson Island said...

TRT: Good idea.