Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Delgados - No Danger: Glasgow neds, line-dancing nuns

Back in the days when I was depressed - really, REALLY depressed to a point where I could barely function, I fell into an ablum by Scots band The Delgados called The Great Eastern.

It remains one of my favourite discs of all time, and the song American Trilogy truly called out to me in a way that mirrored the way my depression was heading In the end, and to paraphrase the lyrics, I decided not to give up breathing.

Now that the Black Dog's not so bad these days, I can turn to No Danger from the same album. Still a bit dark, still a bit skewed, but it's uptempo and the video has dancing nuns. What's not to like?

From the video's own blurb: Classic, though rarely seen, video from cult Glasgow band The Delgados featuring Glasgow neds, cameos from the band members and, most notably, a raft of line-dancing nuns. Tremendous.


Anonymous said...

Been there, came back.

The Delgados remind me somewhat of Mercury Rev..

Anonymous said...

Dancing nuns?
The Tutor prefers the Bad Habits of preening nuns.
Me? I'm indifferent, 'cause I got drugs in me pocket and I do know what to do with them.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Oxycontin or Tramadol?

Anonymous said...

You mean OxyContin?
Please to use the generic name when referring to the excellent products of Big Pharma. In this case; Oxycodone. And Tramadol, though you got the generic name right, is not a very good recreational drug - too many adverse side-effects - at least on me.
To answer your query, Mr. Saxen, my pockets are awash in Praziquantel.
My repeated excuse for not accepting your constant, albeit generous, invites to dinner because I have to worm the dog are not, technically, a brush-off.