Friday, June 06, 2014

Food Facts

A nice salad: Much better for you than BUM PIE
Facts about food

Cheerios are manufactured as discs, with the hole shot through the middle by a team of expert marksmen. It's the same process that has been used by the makers of Polo mints for decades

Every third box of Cheerios comes with a free air gun pellet

As vegetarian food becomes more popular, officials at the World Wildlife Fund have put the wild Quorn on the endangered species list

In China, the McDonalds Happy Meal is called Unlucky Small Box With Plastic Tat And The Souls Of The Damned

Tea drinkers will be relieved to learn – contrary to the urban myth - that the contents of tea bags are not the sweepings from the factory floor. However, all bags themselves are made of the last sheet on the toilet roll.

According to SCIENCE, the average Pot Noodle gives you 0.0001% of your recommended daily nutrition. If you eat the pot as well, this rises to a steady 27%

Paella Pie never caught on in Spain

Ben & Jerry's least favourite flavour is "Farm slurry and pecan", closely followed by "George Osborne's low fat trouser cheese"

In a surprise poll result, the falafel has been named as "the sexist of all foods" by the Falafel Marketing Board

 Following a controversial takeover, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been revealed as the new face of Rice Krispies with the slogan "Snap Crackle Three Generations Of Your Family Working In The Death Camps". Sales are up.

Let's hear it for food, everybody!


Erin said...

Then what's the deal with Captain Crunch?

Anonymous said...

".......Following a controversial takeover,......"

NOTHING Kim Jong-Un - The Great Successor - does is ever even remotely considered controversial doncha know.

Rich said...

.....the falafel has been named as "the sexist of all foods"...

a bit of testosterone added to the recipe? (Hardly surprising given where are believed to have originated)