Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Product review: Nomad Chargekey / Chargecard

Yes officer, the bottle opener on my car keys IS an ironic statement

Every now and then (OK, quite often these days), people ask me to review their products, and in return I'm given free snizzle.

Declaration of interest: The very nice people at Nomad sent me a Chargekey and Chargecard for my iPhone. In return, I test them and review them. Here endeth the declaration of interest.

So, I was sceptical in the extreme when I was offered USB chargers for my phone that a) go on a key ring and b) fit in the credit card pocket of my wallet. And there's a very good reason for this: Things go into my pockets to die.

Put something in my pockets with two bunches of keys, and it will have fallen to pieces within a week. Similarly, my wallet is strewn with the litter of bank and membership cards which have not survived a reasonable period of 24/7 in the front pocket of a pair of jeans. So, I've not just opened the packet on my freebies and given a positive review. I've tried to kill them. TO DEATH.

Rabbit Labs, working hard on the case as usual
Sad to say, I tried my best. I put them through hell, and they came out the other side still working. OK, they can be a sod to use if your phone is in a case (you have to bend things this way and that in the limited space you have available), but these things appear to be made out of something rubbery yet indestructible, at least to my trousers.

And yes, they are a touch on the expensive side, but your money gets you something that's durable and also make you look aces in front of your colleagues when they says "Anyone happen to have a phone charger on them?" And office popularity, imaginary friends who live inside my laptop, is what it's all about.

Buy or not buy? BUY

Comes with the Scaryduck Seal of Approval


Anonymous said...

".....Yes officer, the bottle opener on my car keys IS an ironic statement....."

Your officers in Engerland know what the word ironic means? Ours in the Not-Revolted Colonies have listened to Alanis Morisette a little too attentively.
I was pulled over for speeding once.....

The Officer: "Did you know you were speeding?"
Me: "Yes, but I was doing it ironically."
The Officer: "Alanis Morissette, right? I love that song. Tell you what, I won't write-up a summons. Let this be a warning to slow down. Have a nice day."

Now that is irony!

Anonymous said...

totally off topic but worth it:

Scary, just look at these not-scary-but-definitely-ducks ducks, here, in Thailand. Bazillions of them.

Amy P

Anonymous said...

I've witnessed that in Lao PDR, Amy P.
The Running of the Ducks in Louangphrabang!
Many drunken and happy pizza effected Australian backpacker types are gored every year.

Gonzoland said...

No more "Battery Death Anxiety" with this handy bottle opener*.

(* excludes booze)