Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Gimpoid Man

Rubbish things I have done at work (and I stress, not in this current job):

- Working late, too lazy to get up and go to the toilet, I pissed in a paper cup. An hour later, and still too engrossed in my work, I felt the urge and soon had two cups full to the brim with steaming, yellow piss. Then I went home for the weekend.

I went sick Monday and Tuesday (sobering up), and came in to discover that the cleaners had left two cups of finest urine on my desk to mature for five days. I panicked and emptied them out of the window, forgetting that my office was directly above the street. Or, to be more accurate, directly above a bus stop. To the shit end of town.

A copy of the faux-porn classic "Flesh Gordon" to the winner (VHS, UK only) to the punter who can top that (or something equally fluffy for the laydez). Speak your brains!

Scary. Ducks.

Neil Gaiman on our new national anthem: The March of the Sinister Ducks. Now with added mp3 goodness.


Just testing the waters - is anyone out there interested in Scaryduck t-shirts? Ducks, penguins or both? Price will be as cheap as I can get away with.

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