Wednesday, January 28, 2004

On Hutton

Establishment figure supports the establishment and slaps down those pesky journalists. Now there's a surprise.

Everyone seems to be missing the main nub of the argument here. What is the point of splitting hairs over an Iraqi deployment of weapons of mass destruction in forty-five minutes if said weapons never existed in the first place?

Whitewash. Discuss.

Scaryduck’s ‘Did You Know...?’ No. 344

Rumours continue to circulate of a royal marriage between Britain’s Prince Charles and his main squeeze Camilla Parker-Bowles after he answered a journalist’s question, “Your Highness, how is Camilla?” with the words “Really firm, fruity and gagging for it”. Still, it’s nice to see old people happy.


Strange goings on at the Circle K. Or celebrity tattle web site popbitch [edit: linky now works], even. Belle de Jour, winner of a Grauniard Blogging Award last year for best written blog (the category I was the judge for) appears to have been outed. It turns out that "Belle" may be a well known young British author known to certain regulars on the 'bitch.

I wouldn't know one way or another and don't really care if it is true or not, but I thought she only won thanks to an opportune blaze of publicity just as the awards were being judged. I didn't think much of the style, preferring the Bottle Shop, even if I'm pretty sure that Late Bland is another author self publishing a very, very good manuscript on the web. Or not. Maybe he's really is an off-licence manager with loopy neighbours, getting loads of sex of a psychotic girlfriend. Stranger things have happened. After all, you lot read everything I publish here as fact. Which it is. Honest.

But who can tell these days? Bloggers could be lying through their teeth and no-one would know the difference. Kenna only tells us he's a double glazing salesman because he's too ashamed to admit he's a Conservative MP. Ionicus tells us he plays a huge organ in church, and even I'm prepared to believe that it's the kind with bellows. We will never know. Maybe George W Bush really does blog ("ToDaY ME n dIck InvadeRed iRaK!!!1 iT woz dA bOmb!!!111 I aM da l33t pr3z1d3nT!!!1 LOLOL!!!111"). Good grief, if Grand Ayatollah Sistani (remember that name - he's gonna go huge in Baghdad after his crushing win in Iraq Idol) can proffer advice on anal sex on the Great Satan's interwebnet, anything can happen.

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