Monday, January 26, 2004

Mammon, again

You asked for new t-shirts, and by golly you're getting them. I can now offer you, top quality t-shirty goodness featuring both ducks and penguins.

The duck shirt costs nine of your English pounds, the full-colour penguin will set you back ten, and that's including postage. Both come with a back-print - which may be optional if I can twist my printer's arm hard enough. Overseas buyers please add an extra pound to feed the long distance flamingos. If the pictures here look a bit shonky, don't worry, the artwork I've got is pretty darn good. Buy now before a certain fashion chain sues the arse off me.

Full details here, or e-mail.

And have pity on a poor duck. Some bastard's stolen my bike, and we've a new mouth to feed in the shape of Scaryduck Jr's new hamster, Ryan Minogue.

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