Thursday, April 07, 2005

Ebay Envy

Ebay Envy

I am, according to my feedback comments, an AA++++++++++++++++++++ ebayer.

A colleague and very good friend of mine, however, is only A+++++++++++++++++.

God, I know how to make a man feel small.

I have yet to meet anyone who admits to being a mere B- ebayer. He's out there. Somewhere.

Not a Vote-o

Today and tomorrow, I shall be mostly hanging doors at Scaryduck Mansions, a job Useless Workshy Cunt of a Builder* should have done six months ago.

This means, I cannot be arsed (and this IS the correct technical term, I've looked it up) to hold a vote-o, as it usually means far-too-much last-minute writing up. There will be a story tomorrow, chosen by the precise art that is Ip-Dip-Dog-Shit.

Just by way of advance warning - my employers are sending me on a How-Not-To-Get-Killed-In-A-War-Zone course next week, so I shall be high on running through mucky ditches in Bracknell and low on blog updates. A tin of Bob Martin's Anti-Mating Spray to the person who can rescue me!

And grief, a whole day's gone by an nobody's noticed the subtle change I've made to this site. *sigh*

* It is thanks to this phrase that this site is now second on google for "useless cunt", behind the late, sweary, great Bill Hicks. Exhalted company, indeed.

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