Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Election latest latest

Election latest latest

Another royal visitor to Weymouth as Deputy PM John Prescott sticks his head round the door for a photo opportunity with the increasingly smug-looking Jim Knight. Like Tony Blair before him, he didn't even bother coming into town, holding a bizarre press scrum in Upwey, fleeing before the proles got wind of his incursion into the field.

Just as he was tossing his 10p into Upwey Wishing Well and asking for Michael Howard to have a nasty spacehopper related accident I managed to take a swing at Punchin' John, timed it wrong and fell in.

It's dark in here, and I think there's something moving. That's the last time I vote for this bunch of cunts. Bad Deputy PM.

This last bit has provoked a certain amount of debate here at Duck World Headquarters. "It's not 'bunch of cunts'", I am being told, "It's a shower. A shower of cunts. You cunt."

They may have a point. A herd of cows. A stick of supermodels. A bunch of arse. A shower of cunts.

Does anybody out there know the correct collective noun for this word?

You might wish to look at a good old-fashioned Scaryduck Scary Story over at the other place. Or not.

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