Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Grudging Thursday Vote-o

A Grudging Thursday Vote-o

After a couple of days of frantic pie-based action, it’s a relief to get back to our irregularly scheduled nonsense: The Thursday vote-o, which I’m only doing because certain readers complained. *cough* Ricardipus *cough* Wyldwoods *cough*

As a result of working hours, commuting, and the fact I can’t be arsed to get online on Friday, I’m going to piss on the fireworks of anybody visiting from other time zones by insisting that this vote-o will close-o at 4pm [BST] this afternoon-o.

* Snuff – not what you think
* Revolution! – not what you think, either

I’ve limited the choice to just a couple of stories a) for my own convenience and b) there’s a chance that I’ll be on national radio this weekend*, and a story about frantic masturbation may not be entirely appropriate.

* Cancelled for a few weeks, you lucky people.

Other stuff, with sneaky make-me-rich links

The excellent Tim Worstall has compiled an anthology of weblog writing called "2005: Blogged", and with very little effort, I am a published writer again. I believe the work contains weblog posts about my poor, poor love spuds, preserved for your delight and amusement. Pre-order it up and enjoy my agony for all time, before passing it on to your grandchildren.

Also deserving of note is a young up-and-coming writer and blogger, a Mr Neil Gaiman, whose latest work Anansi Boys reaches bookshops this week. My nipples explode in delight at the thought of this one thudding onto my doormat.

Also: Bush! It's no good. I've cum.

Scaryduck’s ‘Did You Know...?’ No. 320

Eric Clapton got the nickname "Slowhand" following an incident involving Hank Marvin of The Shadows, a suspiciously buggered watermelon, six crates of industrial strength KY Jelly and a signed photo of Felicity Kendall. Hank is still in denial over the whole episode, and hasn't spoken for twenty-seven years as a result.

Techie Request

If there's anybody out there who can look at my coding and tell me why this site doesn't load properly in Firefox, I'd be chuffed enough to send you free stuff. Ta.

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