Thursday, September 01, 2005

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday

The site's been flying on autopilot for the last week or so, while we've finally sat down and settled Duck vs A Certain Builder who I not allowed to call either a) workshy or b) a cunt. The final agreement involves a confidentiality clause that means neither party is actually allowed to mention the fact this whole unpleasant business even took place. So, keep it under your hat, eh?

And the result, you ask? Wel... kkkRRRZZZZ +++CARRIER LOST+++*

Still, it's Thursday, and you deserve a vote-o before I hop out for a big plate of steak and chips. Quote-os do no necessarily match up to the vote-os.

* Theatre of Hate: "My God, vicar! What an enormous chopper!" exclaimed the French Ambassador. "Ferrero Rocher?"
* Political Incorrectness Gone Mad: "I'm wet for you", said Pope Benedict, "absolutely sloppy."
* God/Football interface: "Cod and Chips twice, and a deep-fried Mars", Prince Harry drawled, his face a drug-addled nightmare of pain and delight.

* I'm not complaining. Read into that what you will

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