Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pie: Woe II

Pie: Woe II

So, after discovering that the Breville Pie Magic - the handiest pie-making kitchen gadget ever devised - is no more [except, it turns out, in Australia, explaining a thing or two about Shane Warne and his more than ample girth] - I expressed my outrage at its untimely death to anybody who would listen to me, and quite a few who wouldn’t.

For those of you arriving late in the day, the Pie Magic was a rather clever adaptation of the traditional sandwich toaster that allowed the user to combine the pastry and filling of their choice for pie-making purposes. After a mere eight minutes, it would turn out a piping hot pie, ready to be devoured. With a capacity of two pies, the clever chef could make both dinner AND pudding pies at the same time, thus producing a whole meal in less than ten minutes (plus the three hour preparation time, which we’ll gloss over).

Breville, unfortunately, lost faith in the contraption, sparking minor outrage several years later when I quite fancied a home-made pie made in a turbo-charged sandwich toaster....

“So, what are you going to do about it? Start a petition?”

Yes. Yes. I think I will.

Bring Back the Breville Pie Magic Petition

This is important*, dammit. We've got The Ashes. The Aussies get the Pie Magic. That's just wrong in my book. Sign up now, and we can shame those terrible suits into restoring this important icon of popular culture.

The Pie Magic Must LIVE!

* Actually, it's not, but that's the whole point, isn't it?

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