Monday, September 12, 2005

Me = l33t

Me = l33t

1. Go to google

2. Type the search term - worst person ever

3. Click on "I'm feeling lucky"

4. Repeat until exhausted.

This makes me this: excellent, because Google never lies.

This also works for “best person ever”, but only if you enclose the search term in quotation marks. I rule teh intarnets!

An actor speaks

“Hi! I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such medical instructional films as ‘You and your spleen: A user’s guide’ and ‘Rectal examinations for fun and profit’.

“Have you ever considered having a vasectomy? Worried that a man you’ve never met is going to slice open your ball bag with a knife and thrash about with a red hot pair of scissors until they don’t work anymore, whilst engaging you in otherwise normal conversation? Is the last thing you want to see before you allow this to happen to you a video of this very operation?

“Well, worry no more – they’ve filmed an operation and put it on the internet, and it’s not even rotten com. Watch out of the part of the movie where I miss – and get the sack!”

And I wondered why George Lucas was hanging around on My Day of Hell.

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