Monday, December 31, 2007

100% of FACT: John Lennon

100% of FACT: John Lennon

Fans of former Beatle John Lennon have been left fuming at his widow's latest attempts to cash in on the musical legend's name.

In a multi-million pound deal with a well-known food manufacturer - rivalling only Linda McCartney's big money marketing of marketing of shredded cardboard to vegetarians - Yoko Ono has given a consent for Lennon's image to appear on a range of stir-in curry sauces.

They will be called Instant Korma.

If the venture is a success, it is expected that other 60s pop acts will be asked to join in:

* Vinda-Lulu
* The Mamas and the Poppadoms
* The Jalfrezi World of Arthur Brown

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