Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Best Election Leaflet EVER

The Best Election Leaflet EVER

Some of my colonial readers may have failed to notice there is an election campaign under way in the UK.

My employers - quite rightly - insist that I remain strictly neutral in matters political, so it is without comment that I draw your attention to the election leaflet that arrived through my door on Monday, appealing to the voters of Dorset South:

Wow. No, really: WOW.

The other side of the leaflet can be read HERE, in which it is revealed that the not-mad-at-all MAD Party's secret bunker is at the Swanage Pitch and Putt course.

And here, I believe, they are missing out on a unique selling-point. No other political party in this General Election can offer 18 holes of golf at the bargain price of just £6.50. Not even the Greens.

Frankly, the Labour, Conservative and LibDem election machines (and let's not forget the Greens and UKIPs who are also standing locally) have a lot of catching up to do on this little beauty.

Neutrality disclaimer: Other political parties are available, I neither publically support nor condemn any party's policies.

Fruitcake disclaimer: I am not mad.

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