Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On Midsomer Murders

On Midsomer Murders

"You know, like, Midsomer Murders?"

"Yes, I am aware of the television programme, it being ITV's flagship crime drama in which people living in a Bermuda Triangle-sque area of the West Country are killed entirely to death in a number of increasingly unlikely methods, usually revolving around some otherwise mundane facet of country life, such as the village fete (savaged to death by the dog that looks most like its owner) or flower arranging (Venus Fly Trap up the cludger). What of it?"

"I am glad you explained that for the readers, because you know how the frenzied serial killer is always some previously mild-mannered villager tipped over thge edge by some minor slight, of which the victim or victims are often entirely ignorant?"

"Now you come to mention it, yes I do."

"Because, if my inbox is anything to be trusted, I see you have invited me to a series of six hour meetings over the next two weeks, in which we are to proof-read the phone book."

"Yes, that's correct. We can't have spelling errors in the phone book, the entire fabric of society may collapse."

"Be that as it may - how's the bell-ringing hobby of yours coming along? Those church bells must be really, really heavy..."

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