Monday, March 12, 2012

A list of famous people who are really owls

A list of famous people who are really owls, living among us like our owly overlords. These are - be aware - ACTUAL photographs, and not the kind of shoddy quality photoshopping you've come to expect from these pages.

No.1 and at the top of the shop: BARACK O'BARN OWL

More from the world of politics:

General Colin P. Owl

Angela Merk-owl

Valdimir Hootin

Kim Jong Owl, former leader of the axis of ev-owl
From the world of entertainment:

Simon Cow-owl (a hideous half-owl, half-bovine ABOMINATION unto the LORD)

Cher-owl Cole

Mer-owl Streep

Jools Holland New Year HOOT-enany

Owl Owl Cool J

Owl Murray, the pub landlord
From the world of murdering grannies:

Dr Har-owl Shipman
Of course, the owls didn't always have the planet to themselves, their dominance coming after a short yet bloody war with the previous masters of the Earth - the rodents, under the leadership of MOUSE TSE-TUNG

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